To polish & smooth the skin, diminish acne scar, skin pits and wrinkles

Rejuvi Milk Peel includes a natural extract from sour milk (lactic acid), papain (enzyme from papaya), salicylic acid (from natural plants), and a special penetration controller. Rejuvi Milk Peel provides a safe skin exfoliation process without the side effects phenol and TCA peels can cause.

Rejuvi Peeling Formula performs the following functions:

a) Generating maximum but gentle skin exfoliation.
b) Stimulating proliferation of fibroblasts to increase dermal collagen and elastin.
c) Normalizing skin cells and tissues.

As a result, Rejuvi Milk Peel is a powerful skin resurfacing process with substantial dermal effects. It has several skin benefits such as:
1) Removing wrinkles and visible fine lines on the skin.
2) Diminishing pimple or acne marks.
3) Reducing scars.
4) Smoothing depressed pits on the skin.
5) Decreasing stretch marks and birth marks.
6) Polishing the skin gently for facial renewal.

Rejuvi Peeling formula can be used for both Gentle and Deep Peels. Rejuvi Gentle Peel is for skin polishing without visible skin exfoliation. It is designed for treating the entire facial area, including the neck. It is very mild and compatible with almost all skin types. Rejuvi recommends application once a week or once every other week (depending upon skin type). Four treatments form a treatment period. Two months should elapse between treatment periods.

Application of Rejuvi Deep Peel achieves deep & visible skin exfoliation, and is therefore, more aggressive for skin rejuvenation. In most cases, Rejuvi Deep Milk peel treatments can be given once or twice a year, preferably in the spring or fall (not in hot summer or cold winter). For tough skin problems such as depressed pits, deep wrinkles and acne marks, it may be applied several times (once per month) to achieve the desired results. It can be also applied to a localized skin area (not entire face). Please refer to the instructions of Rejuvi Gentle Milk/Enzyme Peel and Rejuvi Deep Milk/Enzyme Peel for treatment details.

Deep Milk Peel Kit (5 products)

Gentle Milk Peel Kit (10 products) can perform Deep Milk Peel as well

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