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Rejuvi has a few distributors in the United States and many international distributors.

Online shopping provides convenience and accessibility for the consumers (end user) in areas where Rejuvi does not have a distributor.

If there is a Rejuvi distributor available in your area, please contact them directly. Please understand Rejuvi distributors may have a different pricing structure from Rejuvi Shopping online due to location, shipping and warehousing involved. Nevertheless, you may get convenient service, fast and lower shipping cost from your local Rejuvi distributors.

Rejuvi may forward your online order to a Rejuvi distributor taking care of your area (U.S.A only). As a courtesy, Rejuvi U.S. distributors may allow you to use the Rejuvi Shopping online price on a 'One Time Only" basis. All the subsequent orders must follow Rejuvi distributor's prices.

For California consumers 9.25% sales tax (rate from 2018 and subject to change by California state) must be applied. Shipping costs are extra. The amount depends upon your order weight and your geographical location. We use express airmail (EMS) for our international shipment and UPS ground for our U.S.A shipments, unless otherwise specified. If there is a good option, Rejuvi may contact you for your comments.

Since Rejuvi has so many personal care products, we have provided general guidelines and advice to make your purchases fit your needs. We highly recommend that you refer to our "shopping advice" section before proceeding with your order, unless you are familiar with Rejuvi products already.

The following is Rejuvi distributors' information and please contact directly to a compatible Rejuvi distributor because Rejuvi Laboratory can not sell Rejuvi product dircetly into a distributor's territories due to binding contract.

For U.S. retail customers, please click Click HERE to Shop Online and Rejuvi will have to forward your orders to Rejuvi U.S. Distributors for hadnling if you are located in Rejuvi U.S. Distributor's territories.

Distributors in the United States of America
Illinois EDP Enterprises Inc. (312)246-8649



Sweden - Queen of Beauty Int'l AB - queenofbeauty.se

Greece - Professional Beauty Services - bautyservices.gr

Turkey Turkey - Medikoz Estetik - medikoz.com.tr

Singapore & Malaysia Malaysia - Eroma Marketing eroma.com.sg

South Africa
South Africa - Veeway CC veeway.co.za

Mexico - Rejuvi de Mexico rejuvidemexico.com

Japan - CML Ltd. cml-i.com

Kuwait - Rejuvi Kuwait http://rejuvi-kw.com Send E-mail: safa@rejuvi-kw.com

Saudi Arabia - Kayan Al A¡¯amal Co. Send E-mail: lopezs@kayanalaamal.com

Netherlands - Hulscher Cosmetics rejuvi.nl

Poland - Rejuvi Cosmetics Teresa Maciejewska rejuvi.com.pl

United Kingdom - Consea Ltd. rejuvi.co.uk Tattoo Removal website: e-raze.com

Rejuvi Australia - Lipoderm Clinic Send E-mail: rejuvi@lipodermclinic.com

Rejuvi Bulgaria Rejuvi Romania - ProDerma Ltd. proderma-eu.com

Rejuvi UAE Rejuvi Iraq - ProDerma Ltd. Send E-mail: zaid@proderma-me.com

Suriname - Skin Beauty Instinute NV Send E-mail: skinbeautynv@hotmail.com

Hungary - Medist kft rejuvi.huSlovakia Czech Rep

Cyprus - CCI Karamallis Trading Ltd. Send E-mail: ccikaramallis@cytanet.com.cy

Russia - Tori Ltd. E-mail: rejuvirussia@gmail.com

Kazakhstan - Tatuazh.kz Company rejuvi.kz

Ukraine- Ukraine Cosmetic Group ucg.kiev.ua Send E-mail: office@ucg.kiev.ua

Lithuania - UAB Group rejuvi.lt Latvia rejuvi.lv

Egypt - Multi Cast Group Send E-mail: ph_moussa@hotmail.com

Iran - Mihan Khahan International Ltd. E-mail: matheus_mat@hotmail.com

Morocco - Distributorship Available !

Thailand - EMA Trading Co. Ltd. firemare22@yahoo.com

Brazil rejuvi.com.br Send E-mail: contato@rejuvi.com.br

France - Distributorship Aavailable !

Spain - IVM Velencia Send E-mail: info@micropigmentacionvalencia.com

Israel - Sephora Cosmetics rejuvi.co.il Send E-mail: s.partouche@rejuvi.co.il

Germany - Distributorship Aavailable !

Lebanon - GRG Trading Sarl send E-mail: grgtradingsarl2014@gmail.com

Albania Kosovo - A.T. Esthetic Zone Center Ltd. Send E-mail to estheticzone@mail.com

Belarus - Alla Romazanova Studio. Send E-mail: darya.salauyeva@gmail.com

Finland - Luxury PMU Art. Send E-mail: luxury.pmu.art@gmail.com

Norway - Microblading Academy Norway Send E-mail: post@microblading.no

Colombia - Insumicro SAS Send E-mail: jmdelbrio@gmail.com

Chile Argentina - Rejuvi Chile http://borrador-tatuajes-rejuvi.com/

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