Natural Elegance in Skin Care

Rejuvi Plus is a new line of technologically advanced products providing the most effective natural skincare available today. It was created for the woman of today who wants luxury, naturalness, quality and performance from individually designed products. Rejuvi Plus contains a patent-pending exclusive formula call Active Botanical Complex that can actually help your skin look and feel younger. Active Botanical Complex is included in most Rejuvi Plus products.

What is Active Botanical Complex?

After years of study and investigation, Rejuvi scientists have discovered a unique complex extract from the citrus plants in South Asia. This complex extract has been named Active Botanical Complex (ABC). ABC has excellent skin healing properties. It also offers anti-microbial activity and skin rejuvenation. ABC is a new reflection of nature's power in skincare. Rejuvi scientists have combined this important discovery with other advancements in natural herbalogy to formulate the Rejuvi Plus skincare line.


These gentle yet powerful products cleanse the skin of impurities and makeup, preparing it to receive the appropriate Rejuvi Plus performance.

Gentle Purifying Emulsion cleanses dry or sensitive skin. It removes surface debris and makeup. Apply without water. Wipe off with tissue and then rinse off with water.

Essential Cleansing Gel is a clear gel that cleans most skin types. Apply without water, then wipe with tissue and rinse off.

Activated Facial Wash

Mix with water for deep cleansing. Rinse off with water thoroughly. It is best for oily skin or acne skin.

Revitalizing Tonic is a pH balanced formula that works with fruit complex to refresh all types of skin. Apply with cotton ball after cleansing.


These two high performance wonders utilize the unique ABC together with other precious herbal ingredients to help minimize aging by reactivating the complexion--generating skin firmness, elasticity and radiance. Good for all skin types.

Vital Protection Day Cream

This superior day cream combines ABC with other active bio-organic ingredients such as mulberry extract to protect and moisturize. By dramatically hydrating the skin, this excellent cream protects and smooths as it moisturizes. There are two versions : Normal and dry.

Nightly Renewal Cream

This is the ultimate night cream-- as rich and nourishing as it is light and gentle to the skin.The high concentrations of ABC and precious evening primrose oil renew your skin while sleeping. Awaken to a softer, smoother and radiant complexion.


These two products take care of the skin tone and delicate eye area exceptionally well.

Essential Serum

This serum feeds the skin with stable Vitamin C and other key vitamins and minerals. It makes the skin firmer, more radiant, and a better tone. Essential Serum also helps minimize free radical and sunlight damage, two major factors in pre-mature aging. It is beneficial for all skin types and safe around the delicate eye area.

Firming Eye Complex

This firming and moisturizing eye gel helps lessen dark circles, eases fine lines and nourishes the eye zone. Rich in Active Botanical Complex and other vitamins, it promotes firmness and elasticity. There are two versions: normal and dry.


These two fine products promote natural rejuvenation and skin recovery.

Bio-Refining Complex

This unique cream combines complex fruit extracts with ABC to gently and effectively give you the clearest, brightest skin you've ever imagined. This multi-functional cream can be used any time, day or night, to rejuvenate, refine, nourish and restore the skin to a youthful glow. Watch fine lines, spots and other skin imperfections seem to fade away, revealing a clearer, healthier complexion.

Natural Soothing Gel

High concentrations of aloe vera along with ABC provide immediate relief for irritated or environmentally challenged skin. This wonderful gel soothes and calms distressed skin like nothing else. Natural Soothing Gel is especially beneficial for sensitive skin when used as a base, to aid in tolerating other skincare products that may cause discomfort.