Microdermabrasion is a popular technique in the skin care market. Although it has certain skin benefits, it requires appropriate skin preparation and after care to achieve the desired result, particularly in minimizing undesirable side effects. Rejuvi has developed the optimum skin preparation and home care program for microdermabrasion. The skin cells are well cleansed and softened before microdermabrasion, and well hydrated afterwards. The home care program handles anti- pigmentation, skin recovery and skin sensitivity very well.

Rejuvi Microdermabrasion Kits contain 10 special items to promote the effective and safe operation of microdermabrasion treatment.

Major Products Required (3 or 4)

Rejuvi "c" Skin Care Formula - low concentration of alpha-hydroxyl acid
Rejuvi "x"-cell Vitamin C Complex - anti-pigmentation , 4 oz. salon size available
Rejuvi "q" Flavonoid Complex (reduces skin sensitivity - optional)
Rejuvi "h' Super Soothing Lotion - great healing & soothing 8 oz. salon size available

Other Product needed (7)
Rejuvi "k" Facial Cleanser Rejuvi "s" Facial Sun Block (SPF40)
Rejuvi "h" Skin Healing Gel Rejuvi Purifying Mask
Rejuvi "m" Massage Oil Rejuvi Hydrating Mask
Rejuvi "v" Nourishing Cream Rejuvi "o" Cleansing Milk (optional)

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