Rejuvi Breakthrough Scar Reducation Technology

(Patent Pending)

After years of research and experiments, Rejuvi Laboratory has developed a unique formulation with union of lactic acid (alpha
-hydroxyl acid), salicylic acid (beta-hydroxyl acid), dihydroxylbenezne (resorcin), allantoin and licorice extract in an alcoholic solution. With sufficient skin penetration into scar tissue, this formulation is able to soften or loosen scar tissue,
normalize scar tissue and promote even collagen redistribution. Hence, scars (especially hypertrophic scar or keloid scar) can be diminished or improved considerably. In addition, Rejuvi has developed innovative aftercare products including Retinyl
Serum (vitamin A complex), Conditioning Oil (union of Omega 3 and Omega 6 oil) and Scarcare Gel (unique potassium iodide). The treatment followed with multi-mechanism aftercare products provide a powerful, synergistic and expeditious effect for scar reduction which takes a few weeks to see good improvements. This technique does not have the drawback of scar regeneration.

Rejuvi Scarcare Formula is a profesisonal treatment conducted by esthetci or medical proessionals. It takes about 40 minutes for one treatment session and the treated area should not have any water contcat for minimum 48 hours. Then Rejuvi Scar aftercare kit must be used at home (3 products - Conditioing Oil, Retinyl Serum and Scarecare Gel). Please follow teh detailed instruction for aftercare. The Profesional scar treatment can be perfomed afte 15 days or longer and several profesisonal tretament can be made until a desriable imporvement is achieved. This technique is considerably superiod than all topical scar products on the market including laser and IPL methods. It is unque, effectiove, synergistic simple, quick and cost-effective.

Use Rejuvi Scar Reduction technology to expand your service and business !

Please refer Rejuvi leaflet for detailed application and home care instructions.