A Key Step to Minimize Photo Aging.

There are two types of aging processes: natural aging or intrinsic aging, and external aging or photo aging. Intrinsic aging is unavoidable. Photo-aging is mainly caused by the UVA and UVB rays in sunlight and causes most visible & premature aging signs. However, photo aging can be minimized with good sun protection.

Rejuvi "s" Sunscreen

This non-PABA sunscreen is non-comedogenic and irritation-free. Rejuvi "s" Sunscreen provides excellent sun protection. Rejuvi "s" is also rich in vitamin E acetate to help defend against oxygen free radicals. It is not waterproof and not for swimming purpose. Available in one formulation: SPF25.

Rejuvi "s" Facial Sun Block (SPF 40)

Rejuvi "s" Facial Sun Block is a unique sun protection product utilizing micronized zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, representing the latest sun protection technology. The combination of both physical sunscreens allows Rejuvi "s" Facial Sun Block to provide excellent protection in both short wavelength UV (UVB) and long wavelength UV (UVA). Different from all organic sunscreens with some skin penetration, the physical sunscreens do not have any side effect on the skin and is very safe to use for long term. In addition, this sun block has rich moisturizers to nourish and safely protect delicate facial skin. Available in a convenient tube for portability. Use anytime-extra protection is required for sun sensitive areas like the nose, ears, back of neck and bald spots. Tinted version (with skin color) is also available.

Rejuvi Dual Sun Protection (up t o SPF80!)

In general SFP40 is good enough for most of sun protection needs. A higher SPF value might be needed under special condition. Due to FDA's new regulation, the highest SPF value on the market is SPF50. Rejuvi has designed a unique dual sun protection concept enabling to achieve SFP80 easily. It is quite simple: apply "x"-cell Vitamin C Complex on the cleansed skin twice, then apply "s" Facial Sun block (SPF40). Vitamin C functions as an internal sunscreen under the skin and could reduce sun damage up to 50%. As a result, the combination of "x"-cell Vitamin C Complex and "s" Facial Sun Block (SPF40) could achieve the overall sun protection up to SPF80 also including all UVA as well !