sebum can often plug up the hair ducts. This problem usually can be resolved by a thorough and deep cleansing. The more popular problem is a decrease in hair follicle activity, which is associated with several factors such as age, stress, body nutrition, illness, environmental pollution, hormonal imbalance and heredity. Modern research has disclosed that the over-abundance of male hormone (androgen) not only stimulates the over-production of sebum but causes the hair follicle to shrink so much that hair can no longer grow.Hair follicles, if not dead, may be re-activated by opening a sebum plug and enhancing the cutaneous blood circulation around the follicles. Scientific studies have found a number of substances having a follicle stimulating function, such as biotin, polysaccharide, polysorbate, minoxidil, retinoid, etc. Some natural herbs were also found to have such effect. A typical herbal hair revitalizer was 101 liniment, which was popularly used for hair loss problems in many Asian countries. Recently ginkgo biloba extract has been revealed to have a miraculous hair revitalizing power. Dermatologists have reported that plant worm (an Oriental herb) helps revitalize hair as well. In general, the natural herbal approach is better for long term effects. In contrast, the western biochemical approach is better for fast and short-term results. The union of both approaches is obviously superior and advantageous.





Thinning hair and hair loss are common problems for both men and women today. Most of hair problems are associated with hair duct condition and follicle (hair roots) activity. Oil glands in the follicle secrete sebum to lubricate skin and hair. However, the excessive


Rejuville Anti-Aging Hair Care line is a unique combination of advanced biotechnology, the latest dermatological research and unique Oriental herbalogy. Rejuville is an exceptional cross-cultural development providing a synergistic, powerful and effective solution for hair rejuvenation. The youthful vitality of your hair is safeguarded and your healthy hair growth is replenished. Rejuville is developed and manufactured in the USA with an overwhelming response. You will see remarkable improvements within a short period of using Rejuville products. Rejuville line consists of Rejuville Shampoo, Rejuville Shampoo for dandruff scalp, Rejuville Hair Conditioner, Rejuville Maintenance, Rejuville Hair Tonic, and Rejuville Hair Revitalizer for special hair care.

For Deep Cleansing and Reducing Mechanical Hair Damage

Rejuville Shampoo is designed to cleanse hair with the best result for hair growth. This shampoo utilizes a unique combination of detergents plus alpha-hydroxyl acid, which helps better scalp penetration. This combination cleans hair thoroughly and removes all debris from hair follicles promoting healthy hair growth. Moreover, Rejuville Shampoo utilizes a special ingredient - phytantriol, which can greatly reduce mechanical hair damage such as hair loss and split ends due to combing and rubbing. With consistent use the results can be seen within a week. Rejuville Shampoo also incorporates a special conditioner to make hair manageable and to add a silky sheen. Use as a regular shampoo and as often as needed. Wet hair thoroughly, apply shampoo and work into lather. Rinse off. For better results leave Shampoo on hair for at least 30 seconds.

For Eliminating Unpleasant Dandruff

Rejuville Shampoo for Dandruff scalp utilizes a combination of several detergents removing dandruff thoroughly from scalp during the cleansing process. Sebaceous glands secrete sebum to lubricate hair; however, the excessive sebum can accumulate to form undesirable dandruff. Rejuville utilizes a special combination of zinc pyrithione and salicylic acid to effectively suppresses the oil production of sebaceous glands. A significant reduction of dandruff can be observed in 3-4 days with daily use. For better results leave the Shampoo on scalp for 20-30 seconds before rinsing off. After dandruff has been substantially eliminated, the application may be reduced to once a week to maintain a dandruff-free condition.

REJUVILLE MAINTENANCE - For Pre-Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

Rejuville Maintenance combines the mixture of Oriental herbal extracts with multiple active biochemicals such as biotin, polysorbate, polysaccharide, panthenol etc. It provides hair follicle cleansing, nourishment and stimulation. Furthermore, it incorporates a special formulation consisting of zinc, vitamins, and organic acid to effectively inhibit testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (male hormones). This unique synergistic formula is an extremely powerful solution for controlling thinning hair and hair loss. Consistent use of Rejuville Maintenance will bring an appreciable improvement within a few weeks. Ultimately, it's reasonable cost and high effectiveness make the long-term hair care affordable. Use daily in the morning or evening. Apply sufficient amount to clean and dry scalp. Comb or massage into hair for even distribution. Leave the solution on scalp for at least 6 hours.

- For Severe Hair Loss and Hair Revitalization

Rejuville Hair Tonic contains the mixture of Oriental herbal extracts, including ginkgo biloba and plant worm extract in high concentrations. It also includes all-active biochemicals and a male-hormone inhibitor. Moreover, special skin enhancer greatly increases the penetration rate of the active ingredients. These multiple mechanisms create a very powerful approach to hair revitalization. Rejuville Hair Tonic achieves up to 60% statistical success rate far better than all other products on the market. You will see an appreciable result within 2-3 months, depending on the conditions of hair follicles. Continue to use until you see a desired degree of hair improvement. In the case where no improvement can be seen after 4 months, it is recommended to discontinue the use of this product. Use daily, in the evening. Take a sufficient amount of the solution by the plastic syringe and apply slowly to the scalp where there is hair loss or hair is thinning. Use a sprayer for a large area. After application,massage scalp gently with finger cots. Leave the solution on the scalp for at least 6 hours.

- For Enhancing Beard, Mustache and body hair

Similar to Rejuville Hair Tonic, Rejuville Hair Revitalizer is specially designed to cleanse, nourish, and stimulate the hair follicles of the beard, mustache and body hair. It also enhances color and adds luster to the hair. Appreciable results can be observed within two weeks of regular use. Apply nightly or every other night, leave on hair for at least 6 hours.

For super hair manageability and reduction of mechanical hair loss

Rejuville Hair Conditioner combines two hair conditioning agents as well as wheat protein to provide super hair manageability. It makes hair silky, lustrous firm and fuller. Rejuville Hair Conditioner also incorporates the special ingredient - phytantriol at a higher concentration. Due to the concentrated phytantriol and longer retention with hair, it reduces mechanical hair loss or end slits more effectively. Use as a regular conditioner after shampooing with Rejuville Shampoo or Rejuville Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. For best results leave on hair for 60 seconds before rinsing off.

- prevents and eliminates ingrown hair problems- all skin types & both genders

An advanced formula with multiple natural ingredients (papaya and pineapple enzymes) and agents (salicylic acid and resorcinol) that can exfoliate/remove the sebum plugs. In addition, allantoin with licorice extract soothes inflammation and promotes healing and the tree oil antiseptically kills the bacteria in the ingrown hair area from razor bump, or after waxing, shaving, electrolysis or laser hair removal. Apply a sufficient amount daily, preferably at night. Improvement will be noticed in 10-15 days.