Innovative Rejuvi AHA Treatments

(Fruit Complex Formulas #1 & #2)

AHA Complex with unique liposome-like delivery system incoporated. It is the sole forumlation available on the market

Rejuvi is the pioneering laboratory developing AHA complex that combines several members of alpha-hydroxy acids and BHA (beta-hydroxy acids) such as glycolic acid, latic acid, maliec acid, tartaric acid and citric acid in a unique liposome delivery system that offers superior efficacy, with minimal skin irritation. There are two concentrations (#1 and #2) for the esthetician's use. (equivalent to 25% and 35%). The higher concentrations are available for dermatologists' applications upon request. Rejuvi AHA Treatment includes many benefits, such as smoothing skin, reducing pore size, diminishing wrinkles, etc. Rejuvi AHA Treatment is a basic treatment incorporated with various other Rejuvi professional treatments.


1) Much less irritastaion ot the skin or discomfort during the treatment

2) Great retention of active ingredients in epidermis and dermis

3) More effective than most other similar products on the market

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